"“Viva la Resistance!” "

We’re not talking politics here. We’re talking about the benefits of Sleek-Tone Resistance Loops.


About Us

Welcome to our site.  Sometimes simple is best, and we at Sleek-Tone feel that resistance  bands provide an elegantly simple way for busy people to vary their exercise routines and increase both strength and flexibility.   We listened to the input of exercisers and have made a set of durable latex loops with three different resistances to meet your needs.

Our bands combine elasticity with durability, and we are glad to guarantee them for life.  They fit the needs of the budget-conscious, of travelers who value how light and easy they are to pack for workouts anywhere, and of serious exercisers who appreciate the value of supplementing weight work with resistance training.

The Benefits of Resistance Training

In weight work, gravity decides where the weight comes from.  One part of an exercise will involve more resistance than another.  But bands allow you to keep constant tension on the muscles being trained.  This tension means that stabilizer muscles will be constantly in play, and this helps with balance, coordination, and core strength.

Bands also allow you to change your position on any exercise in a multitude of ways.  You can therefore create the resistance from any and all directions, and target many muscle groups.  For all the simplicity of these loops, they give you an amazing level of control over your workout.

Sleek-Tone Loops and Physical Therapy

The control of the resistance inherent in the latex itself makes these loops safer than weights for the rehab of injuries.  This is why so many physical therapists use resistance loops.  When we say “physical therapy” here, we are not only referring to the treatment of serious injuries at a PT clinic.

We also mean the home treatment of minor injuries and the targeting of aches, pains, and stiffness that we all have to deal with, whether from minor muscle pulls, post-travel fatigue, or the diminished flexibility and joint pain that often alas comes with age.  Resistance loops like ours are one way to maintain and even increase flexibility as we get older.  They can benefit exercisers of any age or fitness level.